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New Moon in Libra - Transformative Choices ⚖️

New Moon in Libra 2018 - Energetic Principles

Now I know it is not just me... Can you all feel that change in the air? Fall is officially here, and whether or not you live in a climate that physically honors the state of decay, the overall celestial energy is painting a transformative picture. Our New Moon in Libra - exact on Monday, October 8th at 8:47pm PDT - is ushering in the next cardinal force of initiation into existence.

With any New Moon, we have our solar and lunar functions meeting in conjunction to rebirth a new set of conditions into existence. Much can be learned by honoring the lunar cycle and what it has to teach us. There is magic that lies inherent, suggesting that the power of human intention can seed itself into existence at the meeting of our luminaries - and as the light grows, so does the birthing of our motives.

Libra energy is that which seeks balance, diplomacy, and peace. The Scales represent the concept of justice and the negotiations that are necessary to reach any type of peaceful outcome. It doesn't forcefully attack like its Aries counterpart, rather it uses grace and cooperation to reach the underlying intention. Libra has the ability to listen well and weigh two sides of the coin in order to make an objective conclusion. Sometimes the two sides can be weighed so excessively, that indecision takes hold and we can fail to commit to a position... and we may find ourselves having to officially make decisions as life throws events our direction that we have no choice but to respond to. The Universe's court is now coming to order and the goal of the bench is to initiate challenges that we must overcome to help lead a well-balanced future - and whatever in our lives is out of integrity at this time will be called onto the witness stand for questioning.

The Aspects - Acceptance Of Decay 🥀

Below is a chart of our New Moon at the time of conjunction here in San Diego, CA. There are a plethora of dynamic aspects going on within this chart, most notably the square to Pluto that the Sun / Moon conjunction is making. Libra's dispositor Venus is currently RX in Scorpio and approaching a tense square to her Martian counterpart, along with Mercury who is getting ready to oppose Uranus - a planet that is to become a key player in the electric Full Moon that is to come a few weeks later. So let's dive in deeper...

New Moon In Libra 2018 - Astrology Chart - Energetic Principles

The first thing that pops out to me in this chart is the Sun and Moon forming an applying square to our Lord of the Underworld - Pluto in Capricorn. This New Moon is setting up a signature of eventful changes and the need to accept what is morphing in our lives. It is not everyday that the Sun meets Pluto in a tension inducing aspect that pits our conscious awareness with that which lies below the surface. Many of us may find that changing dynamics are taking place outside of us; in the workplace, in social affairs, and politics in general. If you are in America - or really any place in the world - you can feel that friction brewing. Powerful forces are directing earthly matters into more balanced awareness. Cause and effect is ever present as our conditions move into an increased state of decay and the picture fits ever so well within the energy that Fall brings. Acceptance of what is changing will be key within this month long lunar cycle.

Another element of transformative energy is being exhibited through our New Moon ruler Venus, who has recently stationed for retrograde motion in the sign of the Scorpion. She has just started her own journey into the underworld, with this lunation grabbing our hands to take us down below with her, as she heads to combust within the consciousness expanding rays of the Sun in only a few weeks time. As Kelly Surtees stated in the Venus RX edition of my EP Podcast, we are now retreating to go within and journey back into "the cave." The theme of rebirth is making itself present in my regards to the energetic signature that is our New Moon.

Venus RX is also in her second applying square to her masculine counterpart, Mars, who has just left his own retrograde shadow in the catalytic sign of Aquarius. We can see the battle of the sexes that is ever apparent in our current political and worldly sphere. The Ford / Kavanaugh court case is a shining (or rather deplorable) example of the energy that is now taking place between the male / female dynamic, and how the wielding justice of Libra is needed now more than ever. Humanity is brought into question, and events cause us to take a firm stance in regards to which side of history we are on.

The tension of Venus and Mars also revs up our interpersonal relationships, and whether or not our actions are helping to reinforce our true worth. This Venus RX phase will have us looking at what it is we still find value in and whether or not we are getting what it is we deserve; in love or work. We are pushed into a corner to make the changes necessary that reflect the balance and peace we so desire. And with an upcoming opposition from Mercury to Uranus, which will take place just a few days after this New Moon, the energy will spend no time presenting ourselves with situations that raise our mental vibration to what fixed conditions need liberation from our lives. The upcoming Full Moon is apexing to light up this same part of the chart, with Mercury providing a foreshadowing of what is to culminate into ripeness in just a few weeks time.

I repurposed a lovely and thought provoking photo by Gabe Ferrando that I found on Flicker as the image for this New Moon in Libra. He left the caption: "Left or right, light or dark, two paths one choice... That's life." If that doesn't speak to Libran principles and the current energy, I do not know what does! Chances are these choices have been brewing since our Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12th, which was in exact opposition to Pluto. The New Moon in Virgo on Sept 9th was trine Pluto, helping to further the flow. Now we are faced with two dynamic squares infiltrating the signature of this lunation, most notably the Sun / Moon / Pluto square. I see the coming month - and quite frankly the next 6 months - as a time where we are called upon to choose one path over the other, with significant events likely to take place at the Sun / Pluto conjunction on Jan 11th, 2019. One path may be lit up and more familiar, and the other dark and mysterious - and we may be more inclined to choose the safety of the route that is lit. Yet, there is something magical about the path we cannot fully see. This is likely the choice that creates the transformational conditions that many of us are currently seeking, yet it may take the courage and decisiveness of a 0° Libra Full Moon on the first day of Spring 2019 to fully walk down that road.

The Symbol - Washing Away ⚓️

If you are a frequent reader of my astroblog, you know I like to look at the Sabian Symbol of the lunation as it adds another bit of depth to the story that we are telling. As always, we take the degree and minutes and round up. Here we have the following:

16° Libra - "A boat landing washing away."

Keyword: Respite

Theme: Opportunity in Loss

To me, this symbol really adds more to the changing tides that I mentioned only moments ago. If we think of a boat landing, it is a reliable place to park - with no place to anchor we may feel as if we are set adrift to find the next harbor. Yet as the theme mentions, there is always opportunity in loss. It opens new doors and fresh territory to explore. With Jupiter about to enter Sagittarius in only a month's time, we are going to be longing for that sense of adventure and taste of freedom. So take heart in knowing that growth will be served on a very different platter here - soon enough.

With Venus also in retrograde motion, taking a break to receive connection from oneself can be quite enlightening and beneficial. So let yourself drift... everything is occurring in perfect timing. If something falls away and is no longer of use, know that it is time to let it wash away. Within water lies the sea of imagination; for the power of nothing seeds all of creation. Work with any unforeseen obstacles that come your way and keep your eye on the potentialities of the future, for a new landing awaits.

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New Moon Blessings to All!! 💫

Transformative powers are in the air so take action on the opportunity to recorrect that which is out of balance! Get in touch with yourself and re-evaluate what you truly value this month, as new levels of worth are brewing from within. Relationships to yourself and others are changing, and everyone is doing their best to find their center, so let that lover in Libra shine out!

Wishing everyone a fantastic lunar month!

May the stars be with you!!! ✨✨✨

💜 Mel

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