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Summer Solstice & Cancer New Moon - Emotional Rebirth

Let's all welcome the Sun into Cancer!!! The official start of Summer in the northern hemisphere is Tues 6/20 at 9:24pm PDT. This annual turning point marks not only the longest day of the year, it marks the start of the cycle where we work on our own emotional makeups... where we can birth a stronger foundation in certain areas of our lives. And with a new moon shortly at its heels (on Friday) this Cancer energy will be strong out the gate!

To find out more about the Solstice, the new moon in Cancer, its sabian symbol, horoscopes for each sun and rising sign, and tarot forecast, please watch this full video! If you want to skip to a particular portion there are links provided for you in the comment section of the video on YouTube. Happy Solstice!!

💜Mel 💜

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