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Full Moon in Sagittarius - Instinctual Philosophy

Let's all welcome the moon into the boisterous sign of Sagittarius! It's beginning its approach to a full moon lunation which will be exact on Fri 6/9 at 6:10am PT... and I'm sure you can already feel it brewing!

Our thoughts vs our beliefs are now in the spotlight and we are being asked to get those on the same page, while at the same time, staying out of pointless arguments with others based on ideological differences. Take the high road and view everything from a larger perspective, because the moon's ruler Jupiter is stationing direct and life is about to move full steam ahead!

This full moon has so much energy behind it and you can certainly see it in the world! Watch for the political arena to be exceptionally charged over the next few days as Sag is no stranger to politics and sharing what it believes to be truth to another! It's no wonder our president (a Gemini born on the Sag full moon w/ Jupiter stationed) is having it out with Comey right now... who happens to be a Sagittarius conjunct Trump's moon. The stars are always on time!

To find out more about this full moon, its aspects and sabian symbol, suggested meditation, and tarot forecast, please watch this full YouTube video!

💜Mel 💜

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