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New Moon in Capricorn - The Light Is Within

Persevering, ambitious, goal-oriented, self-disciplined, authoritative... this is Capricorn. We all know people that fit this bill and some of us embody these characteristics more than others. However, these are not the only aspects that make up the seagoat and there are still yet many layers to the descriptive words above. With Capricorn and 10th house issues, there seems to be an implied focus on the outer world rather than the inner. A sort of superficiality, or keeping up with appearances, you could say. Despite all that lies at the surface, January 9th's new moon (at 5:31pm PST to be exact) in Capricorn at 19º is here to illuminate a side to this sign that you might not have seen before. This New Moon is here to highlight the deep inner authority that allows us to connect with the internal resources needed for outer achievement.

Capricorn is a deeply spiritual sign when the energy is connected to on a higher level. The elevated goat knows that the key to finding outer success is through connecting with the light within. We have all we need within us at any given time, yet we feel that we have to look without to people in society and the resources that are readily available to us on a tangible, material level to verify our accomplishments. This polarity really highlights the Cancer / Capricorn axis which rules the 4th and the 10th. To realize success in an outer manifestation, we will have had to find it at the very foundation of the chart where Cancer resides. We see seemingly successful people every day in the outer world but only their inner being could tell you whether they themselves feel prosperous. This past full moon in Cancer called our attention to what was missing from the foundation, what we needed to focus on to begin to create this outer achievement. The new moon has now arrived to give us a fresh start on implementing what we have learned in the last two weeks.

When we look at this new moon, the first thing to notice is that it just passed over Pluto in Capricorn which is still in a loose square with Uranus in Aries. This square is nothing new to us as we have been dealing with its dance since the aspect began to form in 2009. Pluto and Uranus both move very slowly so it could feel like these repeated challenges are never going to end. The good news is we are finally separating from the square... we can now take all that we have learned during the last 5-6 years and begin to truly lay down the new foundations that support our independence. If we have done our spiritual work, have confronted our phobias, hesitations and paranoia in the areas of our chart that house Capricorn and Aries, we will be on our way. We have finally realized that our life purpose holds a personal meaning and cannot be found anywhere but within. We've harnessed our own super hero power to begin the process of being in control of our lives; firstly by strategizing our actions to take us to where we want to be in a secure future.

Another place to look for insight to this new moon lies with Capricorn's planetary ruler, Saturn. Saturn has been in our face a lot lately with it's move into Sagittarius, especially with it lining up to a square with Neptune in Pisces (which is currently separating but still in effect). Luckily for this new moon lunation, Venus is smack dab on top of Saturn in Sag helping to soften the rough edges of the taskmaster. She helps him be a little more personable so to say. We may find it a bit easier to step into our inner authority despite the uncertainty and confusion that could spring from the connection with a Piscean Neptune. With Venus' conjunction to the ruler of this new moon, relationships are lovingly asked to adjust to the new goals that we are putting forth. She also calls on our financial planning to be reassessed; it's time to strategize a budget - more planning, less nebulous spending - in order to aid in our external success. If we can work within these guidelines, there will be no telling what we can achieve.

Last but not least, let's talk about the retrogrades. Both Mercury and Jupiter have recently turned into apparent backward motion which provide a major clue on how to work with this new moon energy. One word: Slowwwwwwly. Where most new moons we can utilize the energy to take dynamic action, this new moon says the opposite. It instead emphasizes the need to take our time - to review our ambitions and goals while paying close attention to past conditioning and what we have realized over the last 3 months about that conditioning. Capricorn wouldn't have it any other way, seeing as how the goat is all about the long climb to the top. The careful, yet purposeful movements that take us to the peak of the mountain where the view is not only rewarding but far reaching. In their minds, there is no shortcut to true success. Mercury in Capricorn wants us to review, reassess, and re-envision our thoughts on outward direction, calling us to weed out the outdated automatic responses that hold us back from securing long term success. Jupiter retrograde in Virgo (alongside the moon's North Node) is forming an earth trine with this new moon. He carries the same message as Mercury - TAKE YOUR TIME. Expansion is now happening within not without. The virgin Jupiter is calling us to increase our discernment and focus on the minutiae that will need to be dealt with on a day-to-day basis to help us implement the long range vision. By keeping our eye on the prize, we will be able to take the small steps necessary to face our fears and realize our full potential. As the old adage goes: "One day at a time..."

I close out this piece with a song that came to me in a dream last night. The message was clear in it's statement "don't look out, the light is within." The dream touched on the realization that the resources I thought I lacked were in fact there the whole time. It was a truly moving and uplifting dream and I would like to impart that wisdom to you all. I, myself, was blessed with the not so desirable Capricorn moon in my natal birth chart. Sure it has its challenges but to those with the seagoat energy, we wouldn't have it any other way. As we enter 2016, let's all commit to and embrace our inner organizer, that thrives off spiritual discipline and the realistic manifestation of our internal and external authority. When done, we can only expect to create the specific success each one of our heart's crave. I wish you all a Happy New Year and may the stars be with you...


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