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Full Moon in Cancer - Compassion & Control

The holidays and family... the two seem to go hand and hand. For better or worse. The blood relations we were born into, the step relations that came into our lives (wanted or not), and the friends who become our social family over the years all play an important role in finding our place within the tribe. For some, this foundation is very supportive and helps us feel as though we belong... for others, not so much.

Feeling that one belongs is one of the main quests of Cancer energy. The crab spends their whole life searching for their true "home." That home could be of a physical nature but more so a spiritual one. As a Cancer myself, many a night I have been riddled with unpleasant dreams of not being able to find my way home. It's always the end of the dream when I realize that I desperately need to find my way there and circumstances arise making that difficult - maybe I don't have a ride, or I lose my sense of direction, or I know where I'm going but there is a long, steep hill to climb... and I never seem to quite get there. Welcome to the plight of the crab!

This year's full moon in Cancer on Christmas morning (exact at 3:12am PST) will highlight the emotional charge in the areas of home, family, roots and foundations. The moon is ruled by Cancer and very at home in it's watery, emotive energy. A full moon in Cancer always has the potential to be exceptionally powerful... especially in its contrast to its opposite, Capricorn. Capricorn represents the father; Cancer the mother. Two completely separate roles that come together for the same reason, to nurture. One is receptive and caring the other authoritative and discipline oriented. One a little soft and the other a bit rigid. Both wanting control. The crab can gain emotional control by retreating and hiding in that thick outer shell. The goat takes a more direct, hard lined approach and can blow its top if pushed over the line. Extreme emotional reactions at both ends.

Each year we are ushered into the time of the goat at the Winter Solstice. The time of year where we become more aware of where we want to take control in our lives and where we can lose that control in reaction to familial expectations. We start to doubt the courses we have set or become insecure about showing our true selves to our loved ones due to potential consequences - real or perceived. We ask ourselves: Why won't Mom accept that I don't want to have children? Why does Dad hate my boyfriend so much? Why does Grandma always say I need to eat more? "You're too skinny!" Why won't Grandpa ever get over me not going to medical school? -- Why can't we all just get along? -- Expectations and duty to uphold an image within our families regarding our careers and what we make of ourselves in this world always rears its head around the holidays. Most families want something of us and in turn we feel a sense of unconscious commitment to fulfill those expectations. Even if it's not the course we consciously see for ourselves. Grief and a feeling of isolation can ensue.

This year could be different though. This year we might take an emotional risk and come out of our shells... compassionately speak our truth to our clan. Not play the roll of the child but instead show how mature we have become and how in control we are of our lives. We have a plan and we want your support. With an opposition aspect, as the full moon is, there is always the dynamic to become more aware of the tension and meet in the middle. The moon will be approaching a trine with Neptune in Pisces and all that water will have us swimming in a dreamy state, with the urge to merge with the other. Venus in Scorpio will also be in a harmonious sextile to Jupiter in Virgo, which is currently conjunct the North Node. Mercury in Capricorn also joins the party, contacting Jupiter and Venus. There is an ease of flow. There is expansion happening in regards to our forward trajectory. We are thinking quite serious and we are very passionate about where we draw the line. The issue is black and white yet we speak from a place of loving truth... hoping to find acceptance.

Here's the thing, Uranus is ending it's retrograde cycle that it has been in since July. On Christmas day, Uranus is stationary - in its most powerful state. The planet of surprise, shock, unexpected events. In fact, all planets will be direct for a rare 10 days until Mercury turns retrograde on 1/5 and Jupiter on 1/7. There will be copious amounts of outward action at this time since no planets will have an inward focus. It's all out in the open. This is no longer the time to live in a false sense of security. It's time to loosen the emotional blockages and open ourselves to new possibilities. One might not prepare to let go like that and we could be forced to out of circumstance. Change and growth are on the horizon and its out of our control to stop it. However, what is within our control is our reaction to it.

The sabian symbol for this full moon is Cancer 4º: A cat arguing with a mouse. This symbol touches on where we rationalize things in our lives. Where we convince ourselves that the old impulses are still legitimate. We feel the need to justify to others what we think should be done and why. We are unable to accept things as they are which leads to fruitless arguing. Don't waste your breath on others that won't listen. It's not worth it. Don't try to rationalize limiting behaviors. You're only cheating yourself. It's time to turn the tables.

We get one full Cancer moon a year and what better time to have it than on Christmas Day! It's rather symbolic if you ask me. The family day of all family days. This holiday might be a little unorthodox but feelings will be felt and peaces will be made. There is nothing more comforting than a secure foundation; family and friends can support that foundation but the only one who can lay it is you. Home is where the heart is, yes, but I also believe that the heart is where the home is. You are never far from it as it is the center of your being. 365 days a year. Here's to wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a magical New Year! I'll see you in 2016 with a lot more for Energetic Principles in store... as always, may the stars be with you!

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